Today’s Cosmopolitanism

Has the world gone so far ahead that we are reverting back to our ancestral nomadic traditions?
As we all know, humankind has undergone a forward-moving process of ever more stationary way of conducting our lives that has lead to an always increasing identification with the place we live in and, by extention, our workplace.
But with the continous evolution of modern technologies and with the forced experience of the covid quarantine the ties with workplaces have been at the very least loosened by online working and learning.
Although we can very much negate the effectiveness, and even accuse the harmfulness, of online learning, we can’t deny that online work has brought enormous advantages in work-life balance for office workers.
Way too often nowdays modern working ethics and habits encourage an imbalance towards the extremization of the importance of work in disadvantage of physical, social, and mental health; but this tendency seems to be at least partially reversing thanks to online work that has allowed a renewed focus on personal matters, either physical or mental.
So this is surely an evidence of a tendency to detachment from the workplaces but this doesn’t imply a loosening of ties with our place of origin.
For the older generations surely this might be true but, as all periods of crisis do since the Hellenic era, for the younger generation, mostly thanks to social media, this shift brings a sort of cosmopolitanism 2.0 that leads the young to feel no more Italian, French or American as they feel part of a much bigger picture that spans way further than national borders.
And the natural expression of this cosmopolitanism is the phenomenon of digital nomadicity.
Digital nomadicity sees people working not only away from the office but often in travel. This new approach to work allows the natural need of new experiences to be fulfilled while also allowing people to do their job often at greater levels. Of course, this kind of life is not for everyone and is not suitable for every job, but, in the professions where it can be employed,it surely brings enormous benefits in productivity, life balance and development of an always broadening of working horizons.
Change is the only constant and stopping the flow of change is the fastest way to death

Alfredo Maria Falletti VCC