How does sport connect us?

19.04.2022, 21:07, Anfield road:

Applause for one of the greatest soccer player of all time, Cristiano Ronaldo. But, why? And why does he earn the applause from the fans of the biggest rival team? It should be a good gesture and it was a good gesture. He was playing for Manchester United, an iconic Club but also Liverpool, their opponent and biggest rival is iconic. But at the 7th Minute, the whole world forgot this rivalry for a minute. A one minute applause for Ronaldo, for him and his little baby that unfortunately died. But they really meant it and showed respect.

In a way sport fans are all the same, it’s just the team or athlete that’s making difference. But in the important moments we know what really matters in life. The right fans know they can do without rivalry when it really matters. Just a few braindead people won’t understand that.

But not only as fans of a sport we can connect together, but also with the sport we are playing. Where do you meet your best friends or do you have something in common? Probably it’s sport that connects you. I am playing field hockey, a sport you need to play as a team, even if you don’t want to. And you  play as a team on the field, but also off the field you will form a team, with your best friends and even with the ones you don’t even like or with the ones you barely even know. And I really miss playing this sport and one reason why I miss it, is because of the time with my friends on the field.

You win together and lose together, you show respect to others and gain respect from others.

And I have them as my friends because one of the things that we have in common, is the sport that we play or the sport we like to watch. And that’s an activity and a thing we can do together and usually do. So sport connects us as we meet and have fun.

And the good thing is, it doesn’t matter which Club you support. To clarify something I will explain the sentences I just wrote with a real example.

I am from Hamburg, a big German city with two “good” soccer clubs. All of my best friend support the HSV, that’s the name of the soccer club. But do I support them? No. Does it matter? No.

I support ST.PAULI, the second big club. A big rivalry, it’s not just a game when these two teams meet. Both teams fight for glory and honor and want to be the boss of the city. But also at the rest of the season both teams are really fighting. HSV is the team that more often goes up to the first division and ST.PAULI have to watch out to not go down in the third Division.

But the last time they met, ST.PAULI won 3:0, which is pretty impressive! So I had fun and was in a good mood, not like my friends. And I made fun of them and their team, but they can accept it, because they know they can do the same with me, when my team is losing again and again. And so we have a healthy relationship.

And so you meet new friends, with sport and it’s not even so complicated. And maybe it’s the only thing you do with your sport friends, but it’s a fun activity and it’s also good for you and your body. And so did I, here in Italy. I said I like soccer and automatically I had something in common with the kids here.

So let’s go. You don’t have to be a big, supporting fan, but I and most people all over the world can recommend this. So believe me and dare to do something new.



Luan Prill 3CC