A pleasantly overwhelming annoyance

These days  of extraordinary peril and history-shaping events,  that we are living in right now, I found myself in a  quite unusual mood for the situation. Even though war is at our doorstep,  bringing all kinds of harmful events ,  I’m not really concerned about it  and I am unable to feel bad about it. In a desperate attempt  not to judge myself as insensible and cynical, this fact has  made me think , that, maybe,  I can’t be  really connected to the events surrounding me for two distinct reasons: as a mechanism of self-defense and because our brains are already overloaded with emotions and information coming mainly from social media exposure.

But I want to focus on the second point, right now. Why are we always been taught that we need to have a goal  in life? Why are we always stuck in the infinite loop of chasing something? Our brains are constantly kept in a state of unrest by the inability to enjoy our present achievements because we only crave to get to the next one. We are bombed by an infinite number of information about everything without the ability to separate the essential information  from the garbage. We are given virtual alcohol to drown all our emotions in it.

Why trying to elaborate your emotions when you can get a shot of tiktok? Why trying to understand our problems  better if we can easily hide them in a good old glass of  instagram stories?  Easiness:  it has been the driving force of every human discovery since we exist as a species on this planet. Going around on foot was quite hard so cars made moving  easier for us. Communicating on long distances was a hell of a task but phones made it effortless. But cars made our legs weak and phones stole the creativity from us.

Where is the point I want to get to with my words? I don’t know it, but maybe not knowing the point is not necessary! Words don’t need to communicate something to be meaningful. And brains don’t always need to be overfilled to be worth the effort of keeping them on.

A man could have gone through a lot of events and not having been able to live a single day of his life and another could have spent  his whole life in a cave and yet be the most satisfied  human on the planet. And again a thousand words can be spoken and have no impact at all whereas one could change the world.

At the end of the day what makes something truly valuable to us is its scarcity and  it is very hard to find something unique in an overwhelmed world as the one we live in today.

In conclusion, and after having talked about all this stuff, I will, as I always do, go back in my bed and I’ll watch some tiktoks, or maybe I’ll find refuge in a youtube video to  fill my brain with pointless information so that the real and threatening ones won’t find any place to stay and so that I don’t abandon this state of inconclusiveness which is as annoying as it is reassuring and comfortable. Because, for as much as we all want to be good and “Woke”, the only thing that humankind really care  is having no worries and a life as easy as we have wished since the dawn of time.




Alfredo Maria Falletti 4Cc

Asia Scimè 4Cc