Christmas traditions in England

Christmas Day is celebrated on 25th December and is one of the most popular holidays in Europe and in the USA.In many parts of the world there are different customs and traditions , in this article I will tell you about the English Christmas traditions.

On December 21st a very fun and popular holiday is celebrated in England , where you are given a sweater or a woolen sweatshirt with Christmas characters, this tradition is called “Christmas Jumper”. On Christmas Eve ,after midnight mass , children prepare a glass of milk and a dessert for Santa and his reindeers . Christmas Eve is also dedicated to the preparation of the table, lunch and dinner, in addition the family exchanges presents around the tree. Even though it’s been a long time ,Christmas pudding is being prepared for Christmas lunch moreover ,roasted turkey is prepared with spices. On the Christmas table, big candies are placed with confetti or  streamers inside, to be popped before dinner. Another typical English Christmas tradition consists in sending Christmas cards t  friends and relatives. It is considered more important than  presents.

Children hang their socks at the foot of their bed and hope their wish comes true. Choirs go from home to home ,singing Christmas carols, and collecting money for Charity.

At 3 pm the British usually  watch the Queen’s speech on TV as they eat their lunch. At 5 pm tea is served accompanied by a Christmas cake. Boxing Day is celebrated on December 26 when the sales begin, and  people give away a present to workers and everyone they meet during the year. In my opinion ,Christmas is one of the best times to be all together, sing Christmas carols and unpack gifts, and last but not least it is celebrated in Winter, so you can stay warm at home.

I wish everyone a happy Christmas !