What do we mean when we say it’s important to think about our own well-being, especially during these hard times?
Well-being means different things for every one of us; for some it could mean walking through the park, for others it could mean picking up flowers and smelling their perfume.
For me well-being means many, many things: it’s my family, my friends and the little moments we share that hold the most importance.
It’s making a hot cup of tea for my sister when she’s overwhelmed with homework or closing her window when she falls asleep with her clothes on.
It’s listening to my best friend ramble about all of his animals, or rambling to him about the smallest thing, knowing that he will listen no matter what.
It’s helping my grandma in the kitchen, even though all the help I can give is standing by the side and watching her cook.
It’s driving in the evening with my best friend with the windows down and the music loud, looking at the view and telling each other secrets.
It’s reading a good book and getting lost in the words and forgetting the world around me.
Well-being means a lot of different things, each and every one of them crucial, important and essential in its own way.