Who is Shamsia Hassani?

Shamsia Hassani is a brave, strong and determined woman. For several years she has been fighting peacefully to make her city more colorful.
Shamsia Hassani stands in front of her mural in Los Angeles.(Font:Google)
Shamsia,born April 1988, is the first female graffiti artist of Afghanistan. Her artworks have given Afghan women a different face, a face with power, ambitions, and willingness to achieve goals. In Afghanistan, Shamsia’s works have brought in a huge wave of color and appreciation to all the women in the country. Her artworks have inspired thousands of women around the world and has given a new hope to female Afghan artists in the country. Shamsia Hassani is a painter , a professor of art at Kabul university and a graffiti maker…too,who ventures into the streets of Afghanistan to create murals. Hassani paints murals that often depict women in traditional clothing joyfully posing with musical instruments. By now the situation in Afghanistan is not one of the best, and what Shamsia does is very important for women’s solidarity. Shamsia is really scared when she paints in the streets, this one shows the bad situation that there is now. She has a very small studio, her studio is in fact the open space , the walls of the city.
This is one of the many graffiti , made by Shamsia.This , depicts a little girl, who offers a flower to a Taliban, but he refuses it to the ground. It is one of the greatest examples of the war that is being fought in this period. In her works , she often depicts the dandelion ,symbol of trust, strength and hope.
Shamsia Hassani,in her graffiti, wants to denounce a situation of oppression, abuse and male domination against Afghan women that Shamsia often represent these women in a joyful, happy way.In my opinion ,it is one of the greatest examples . In her graffiti, there is almost always music , which in this period of war is forbidden Afghan women, who Shamsia Hassani often represents mutes, without their mouths, these weeks are hiding inside houses, desperately looking for a safe place to escape the violence.