Panic attack

It was the night.
Cold, dark, frightening and restless. It was the moon.
With its pale white and grey spots, its big ghastly eyes and its apprehensive stare. It was her head.
Spinning, throbbing, hurting.
It was the way her hands shook.
Uncontrollably, involuntarily, irrepressibly.
Where were her legs taking her?
Running and running and running, far away from that dark dot.
The ocean was looking at her. Staring at her. The tears in her eyes felt salty, just like its water. Her breath was beginning to shorten.
Big breaths with loud sighs.
Sitting down on a nearby rock, her chest rising up and falling down, she observed her surroundings.
It was late, it was peaceful and it was also very far from home. Big breaths and loud sighs.
Standing up was easy, she could do it.
Walking was also fairly simple, she could do that too.
Going back there was not simple, nor was it easy, but she knew she could do it. And so she did it.